The "Video Interview" service (Hereinafter referred to as "This Service".) provided by en Japan Inc., aims to conduct electronic interviews between users (Recruiting companies, recruitment agencies, temporary staffing agencies, etc., but this is not limited to this.) and job seekers. 
When registering for use of this service, please agree to the contents of this agreement and register for use. 
Article1 (About Video Interview) 
1. The "Service" is a service provided by en Japan Inc. (the "Company"). The Service consists of the following items provided by en Japan Inc. ("the Company"). 

(1)Interview setup by user company 

The Company will establish interviews on the website designated by our company (Hereinafter, "this website"), and will, at the Company's responsibility, send an Access URL to specific job seekers to request them to register on the Website, create and submit video interview data. 

(2)Creation and submission of video interview data by users 

Users register as users by entering their name, email address, and password (Hereinafter, "matters to be registered") on this website, and log in using the email address and password included in the registration items. 
Users create and submit video interview data in accordance with the guidance provided in this Service. 

(3)Viewing and evaluating video interview data by companies using the service 
The company will check the list of users who created and submitted the video interview data on this website, and will view and evaluate the video interview data created and submitted by these users. 

2. Our company may decline to use the Services if it determines that providing the Services is inappropriate. 

Article2 (responsibility of the user) 

1. Users agree to these Terms, use the Services on their own responsibility, and assume all responsibility for using the Services. 

2. The User shall provide our company and the Company with personal information in an accurate manner without any defects or inconsistencies. If the personal information provided by the user is not accurate or if a dispute arises between the user and the company or other third parties due to the content of the information provided by the user to our company and the company, the user himself/herself is responsible for dealing with it and guarantees that no damage will be caused to our company. 

3. When creating video interview data, the user shall carefully create the video interview data so that the appearance of a third party or confidential information is not reflected. If the appearance of a third party or confidential information, etc. is reflected in the video interview data created by the user, and a dispute occurs between the user and another third party, the user himself/herself is responsible for dealing with the dispute and guarantees that no damage will be caused to our company. 

Article3 (Copyright, etc.) 
1. All content on this website is owned by the Company. You may not use it for any purpose beyond your personal use without the Company's written permission. 

2. You may not view the Video Interview Data after you have created and submitted such Video Interview Data, and all rights, including copyright, are transferred to the Company (and the rights provided in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act are also transferred to the Company). 


3. You shall not assert or exercise any rights (including moral rights of author) with respect to the video interview data prepared and submitted by you against the persons designated by our company and our company. 


Article4 (Trademarks) 
Rights pertaining to trademarks, logos, etc. posted on this website belong to our company or its respective right holders and are protected by the Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law, etc. If you wish to use the above rights, you may do so after contacting our company in advance and obtaining permission from our company. 

Article5 (Prohibited matters, etc.) 

1. The User shall not conduct any of the following acts in using the Service. 

(1) Acts of using the Services for purposes other than those stipulated in Article 1, Paragraph 1 

(2)the act of providing false or inaccurate information 

(3)Defaming, defaming, threatening, or threatened an individual or organization 

(4)Acts that infringe or are likely to infringe the rights of others, including copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights 

(5)The act of using or disclosing or providing information obtained through the Service to any third party, whether by reproduction, sale, publication or otherwise, beyond the scope of private use 

(6)Any act of requesting money, etc., or causing disadvantage or damage to our company or a third party by using the information obtained through the Service. 

(7)Any act that interferes with the smooth operation of the Services, or that defames the reputation or reputation of our company and its customers, or that is likely to do so 

(8)Acts contrary to public order and morals, such as criminal acts or acts against laws and regulations, or acts that are likely to be such acts 

(9)Acts that belong to an organization related to antisocial forces, acts that have an inappropriate relationship, such as benefiting or using antisocial forces, or acts that are likely to have such relationships 

2. If the User violates the preceding paragraph, our company will, at its own discretion and without prior notice to the User, delete the User's registration information and video interview data created and submitted by the User from the Website, or take any other action that our company deems appropriate, and the User agrees to such action. 

3. If our company deems it unavoidable for any reason, our company may take actions such as deleting the User's registration information and the video interview data created and submitted by the User from the Website without prior notice to the User, and the User agrees to such actions. 

4. The User shall not object to any actions taken by our company such as the deletion of our company's registration items and video interview data from the Website in accordance with the preceding 2 paragraphs. 

Article6 (Suspension and termination of services) 

1. Our company may suspend the provision of the Service if any of the following conditions is applicable or in the opinion of our company that such conditions may apply. Our company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the User if the provision of the Service is suspended. 

(1)When it is necessary to maintain, inspect, repair, or update data on our company servers, software, or other telecommunications equipment 

(2)When there are unavoidable circumstances such as a breakdown of facilities 

(3)When a natural disaster or other emergency has occurred or is likely to occur and it is necessary to give priority to emergency communications for the public interest in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the Telecommunications Business Act 

(4)When a telecommunications carrier, etc. interrupts its telecommunications services 

(5)If our company finds that the user's action interferes with the telecommunications facilities of our company, or is likely to do so, and as a result hinders our company from performing its business 

2. If our company determines that a cause falling under any of the following items has occurred to the User, it may terminate the provision of the Service without any notification to the User. 

(1)In the event that the User violates the provisions of this Agreement 

(2)In the event that our company determines that it cannot maintain a relationship of trust between our company and its users 

3. In addition to the cases listed in each of the preceding paragraphs, our company may suspend or terminate the provision of the Service at any time without prior notice to Users if our company deems it necessary. 

Article7 (our company's responsibility) 

1. Our company shall not be held liable in any way for any mental or property damage incurred by the User as a result of the User's registration with the Service or use of the Service, except in the case where our company's intent or gross negligence is found. 

2. Our company shall not be liable for any damage suffered by Users as a result of any hindrance to the provision of the Service or difficulty in the provision of the Service, caused by any force majeure including, but not limited to, virus damage that cannot be prevented by reasonable measures normally taken for information handling services, and fires, power outages, or natural disasters which are not attributable to our company. 

3. Our company does not guarantee the accuracy of third-party information, such as corporate information, or other information provided by third parties. 

4. Our company makes no warranty that the Website is free from errors or other defects, that the servers, etc. do not contain viruses or other harmful elements, or that the infrastructure, systems, etc. used to provide the Service are free from defects. 

Article8 (handling of personal information) 

As such, our company will appropriately collect, use, manage and store your personal information or provide it to a third party in accordance with the "Privacy Policy". 
Personal information refers to the personal information identification code and information about the individual user, which can identify the individual by name, email address, other descriptions and materials (Video, image, sound, etc. included in video interview data) contained in the information, and which cannot be identified by the information itself, but can be identified by easily comparing with other information. 

Article9 (Disclaimer concerning third-party provision) 
1. The Company will not assume any responsibility for the acquisition of personal information by a third party in the following cases. 


(1)When a user himself/herself discloses or provides personal information to a specific user company by using the Service 
(2) When the user is accidentally identified by the information provided by the user on the service, such as the user's activity status 

(3)In the event that a user provides personal information on an external site linked from this service and uses it 

(4)Cases where a person other than the user has obtained an ID, password, etc. granted to the user without a cause imputable to our company 

2. Our company shall not be liable for any troubles relating to the information provided between the user and the company using the service. 
Article10 (Handling of statistical data and attribute information) 

After processing the personal information of the users registered on the Service and the usage history of the Service (This includes, but is not limited to, page views, usage history, and the sending and receiving of information between users and their companies.) so as not to identify or identify the individual, our company shall create aggregated and analyzed statistical data and attribute information, etc., and use them without any restrictions, regardless of before or after registration or deletion of the users, and the users shall consent to this in advance. 

Article11 (retention period of information) 
1. If the Company determines that the period of time necessary to provide the Service has expired, the Company may erase information stored on its servers related to interactions with the Company or companies using the Service, as well as user registration information. After the deletion, it will not be possible to restore such information. 


2. Based on the circumstances set forth in the preceding paragraph, the user shall take necessary measures to prevent his/her own disadvantage or damage at his/her own responsibility and expense. 

Article12 (Confidentiality) 

With regard to confidential information (Information, mechanisms, know-how, program sources, etc., related to the Services) disclosed by our company to Users and information (Include questions in video interview data.) of Users in connection with the Services, Users shall treat such confidential information as confidential, and shall not disclose such confidential information to third parties or use such confidential information for any purpose other than achievement of the purpose of use of the Services, except with prior written consent of our company and the User Companies. 

Article13 (compensation for damages) 

If you violate these Terms or cause damage to our company, your company or a third party in using the Services, you will compensate for any damage directly or indirectly. 


Article14 (matter to be discussed) 

Any doubt arising as to the interpretation of these Terms, or any matter not provided for in these Terms, shall be resolved by our company and the User in good faith through consultation. 

Article15 (Changes to the bylaws) 

1. Our company may make changes to these Terms by posting them on the Service or notifying you in such manner as our company deems appropriate. 

2. If you do not agree to any changes to these Terms, you must notify our company within 1 week of the notification in the preceding paragraph. 

3. Except in the event that our company has received a notice of non-acceptance of changes to these Terms and Conditions as set forth in Paragraph 2 of this Article, in the event that User continues to use the Services, User shall be deemed to have retroactively approved the new Terms and Conditions until the notice date. 

Article16 (competent court) 

The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance for all disputes, claims, etc. relating to the Services and the Terms. 

Article17 (Contact Information) 
If you have any questions about these Terms of Use, please contact us at:. 
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August 20 2020 revision