If you have a lot of candidates but still want to invite them all rather than using a public interview link, you can upload a CSV file for convenience.

Once the file is read, you will see a list of your candidates and are able to select whom to invite to your interview.

Make your selection and confirm to automatically fill the invite form with your candidate information.

What to prepare

Please prepare a file following the format of the sample file.

The only required fields are "firstName", "lastName" and "email". Alternatively, you can also provide a "name" column instead of "firstName", "lastName".

All other fields are optional and might be displayed to help you select the candidates to invite.


Step 1: Select a CSV file

Step 2: Select your candidates

Step 3: Your candidates' information is prefilled. You can now invite them.

Notes on data processing

When uploading a file, it is sent to our servers and processed to display a list of candidates in the next step. The file itself and it's contents are not stored permanently on our servers and are only used for the purpose of displaying a list of candidates to you. Pleas note that this might change in the future.