How should you prepare for each phase of the video interview process?
No worries, here are a few simple suggestions:

Practice does not guarantee you’ll nail the interview, but putting in the requisite time to prepare will definitely help you deliver a better video interview. We’ve collected a series of material especially tailored for preparing for video interviews. You may not be able to shake your nerves entirely, but you can learn how to minimize them. Check them out:

A Video Interview is similar to an in person interview in that during the interview, what you wear, your non-verbal cues and how you speak as well as personal hygiene and habits are visible to your audience. This is why we have prepared some insight that might be helpful in presenting yourself in front of a camera:

If your interview went well, and if it feels right, then write a thank you email and ask for feedback. However if you are rejected, accept it with dignity. Interviews are never a waste of time. You can learn a lot about yourself throughout any interview process: